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teinture mère de cardère
organic teasel tincture
agriculture biologique europe

Buying teasel in a store means benefiting from the advice of the herbalist, who can suggest other plants to accompany teasel! See the list of points of sale! It is however possible to order it directly too, of course!

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teasel tincture

teasel tincture
tincture made with care and love, respecting nature and oneself

The fresh teasel root is harvested on certified organic land, of course, and above all approached with great respect, in the manner of permaculture and agroforestry. The teasel is 'semi-cultivated' there: we have favored its establishment, or rather essentially given a hand to its natural, wild propagation. It is therefore not a question of monoculture of the plant, but of a joyous mixture of thousands of forms of life, rich in multiple synergies! We believe that this vitality manifests itself in our preparations!

The root of this magnificent biennial is harvested at the end of the first year, before it goes into flower, to be put, fresh, to macerate in an organic grain alcohol, at the degree of alcohol adapted to the best extraction of its active subtances.

It was out of necessity that we encountered teasel a few years ago... After seeing its benefits on ourselves and on the friends for whom we were making the extract, we decided to produce a more large quantity and offer it for sale. To our experience of the plant and its way has been added the rigor required by the placing on the market, since the notification to the Ministry of Health and its research and precision requirements, to the most rigorous quality controls. Today we are very proud to offer it to you!

as cure of 500ml or 100ml
We offer it in 500ml bottles, to be taken at the rate of 3 good teaspoons per day. One bottle therefore corresponds to a cure of 4 to 6 weeks!
It is also available in 100ml bottles, for those who prefer to start gently!
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